Phala Newsletter #1, 9.21-9.27

Partnership, upgrading, visual identity improvements.

What’s New



  1. Phala substack account is live and subscribers will receive Phala newsletter containing Phala updates of all aspects.

  2. Improved visual identity of Phala forum.

  3. Added a welcome channel on Phala Discord server which better explains the value of Phala and Phala community.

  4. Did research on international miner contest events.

  5. Translated and published Recap | A Privacy Computing Discussion between Oasis Labs and Phala Network.


  1. On 25 September, Marvin presented at Polkadot China Tour 2020 Shanghai station as a round table talk guest and shared about how he valued Polkadot parachain and its future possibility.

  2. On 26 September, Marvin presented as a speaker at the Polkadot gathering hold by Candaq Group.